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Tierra Infinita

"Tierra Infinita" is a testament to the timeless nature of music, echoing through the generations like an eternal melody without beginning and end. Each track is a tribute to the Argentine folk traditions that have been passed down through the ages, evolving and transforming with each new interpretation. This concept of infinity in music and the evolution of traditions brings a sense of freedom and liberation that permeates the entire album.


Like a river that flows through time, each track carries with it the essence of Argentine folklore, connecting generations past, present, and future. Through the fusion of new jazz and traditional Argentine folk, "Tierra Infinita" transcends borders and bridges cultures, inviting listeners on a journey of discovery and connection. It's a celebration of the infinite possibilities of music, a reminder that no matter where we come from, we can all find common ground in the beauty and power of a timeless melody.

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Dario Acosta Teich: Guitars, Vocals and Composition

Fernando Huergo: Bass

Yulia Musayelyan: Flute

Daniel Pipi Piazzolla: Drums

Horacio Cacoliris: Percussion

Hernán Jacinto: Keyboard

Eleanor Dubins: kyVocals

Timna Comedi: Vocals and Vocal Arrangements

Franco Luciani: Harmonica

Marta Gómez: Vocals

José Luis Cala: Sikus and Sikus Ensemble Direction

Esteban Carvajal: Sikus

Lurdes albornoz: Sikus

Camila Benitez: Sikus

Miguel Costas: Sikus

Gonzalo Rodulfo: Sikus

Gerban José: Sikus

Elias Alberto: Sikus

Adonis Mamondes: Sikus

julio Alcorta: Sikus

Recorded in 2023 
Estudios Doctor F in Buenos Aires, Argenina
Ing: Florencio Justo
Estudio Rojo in Tucuman, Argentina
Ing: Alejandro Rodriguez
Juli Recors in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ing: Adolfo Schmidt
Touch The Sky Records, NYC
Ing: Dario Acosta Teich

Tiger Turn 2024

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